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Piano Disposal

When your piano has completed its service/cycle, you have to dispose/recycle it the right way. We can Help!

Expert Piano Movers - Piano Disposal

NYC's Disposal rules

When you have an old piano that you don't need or want anymore you can't just throw it out on the street.

In NYC that's illegal and it may cause you a ticket.

Can I Recycle a piano?

Yes! Pianos are made -mainly- of  wood, steel and iron, and it can easily be recycled. If you are able to dismantle your piano yourself, recycling these parts can be a great option. However, dismantling a piano is fairly complicated and isn't for the faint of heart.

All you have to do is just call Expert Piano Movers of Queens and we will display our expertise and techniques to properly dispose your piano safely and securely, for both the environment and your budget.  Don't risk an accident or a ticket for mishandling your piano disposal. We are the experts!

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NYC's Sanitation Bulk Collection

When it's time to play the 'good bye song' for your old/disabled  piano, you better 'tune up' yourself right. 

NYC has specifics for big bulk items disposal. Check your local authorities in how dispose it properly yourself or contact us to help you with this.

Our Services

Local Service

Covering Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

Flat Rates

Long Distance

NY,  NJ & CT, RI, MS, NH, MN, DE &  MD

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Give us a call at (718) 429-4900

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